Food Dump - Dump it here, not in your mouth!

Jun 11th '15 22:17 PM
I managed to resist! I even walked straight past! I was considering an alcoholic beverage this evening, but did some yoga instead!
Jun 12th '15 08:29 AM
Doh, coming here for a retrospective (I know, not allowed). On the road today with work and at the train station had the choice between muffins and an Oatso Simple porridge pot. Thought I could count it as my hex but it turns out 10 fecking syns!!

I feel cheated. Shall I reduce those syns to 5 and count it as a hex do you think? to allow for the sugar and milk powder they put in there? Its only 190 calories, so I can't think it should be 10 SYNS. I was saving those for a post- bid presentation beer this afternoon, and I am REALLY going to need it!

Robbed I tell you, robbed.
Jun 12th '15 08:30 AM
I should add I did prepare in advance and boiled an egg last night, to scoff in the car on the way (v early start), but it was still runny inside (HATE that) so I had to give it to my jack Russell - who was very appreciative.
Jun 12th '15 08:54 AM
I can't remember exactly what the reason is for the syns on the porridge pots, but the sugar and milk powder are part of it. There's also the weight in them, they are around 50g (I think?) whereas the porridge allowance is 35g...
I have synned them up before, and used part of it as my hex b... they did nothing to help my weight loss, but I was eating them everyday.
As this is a one off, I would use 5 syns for it, and count it as your hex b
Jun 15th '15 11:42 AM
I called by last night to dump something but couldn't log in on my mobile! Fear not though, I was strong, so flinging it in this morning.

The boyf came home from the supermarket with a bloody white chocolate Kitcat Chunky. He KNOWS I love these, but then he KNOWS I am on SW! Bastardo!

He thought he was doing me a favour, but I mean wtf? Why would you do that?

Anyway, it was on the kitchen dresser causing me pain, so I put it away in a drawer where I can't see it. SO take that food dump -it's gone from my mind.
Jun 16th '15 16:22 PM
I could totally eat an ice cream right now. Mr whippy with a flake or a mint choc chip!
Jun 16th '15 16:54 PM
An ice cream sounds lovely right now... I may have to dig out the mini Twister lollies when I get home They're my saving grace when the weather's warm!
Jun 16th '15 18:32 PM
Ooo I love them!
Jun 19th '15 22:34 PM
My first full day on my proper new plan yesterday, I come into work and they announce they're buying Costa and bacon/egg/sausage sarnies for everyone. The whole place smelled amazing. But I resisted!
Jun 22nd '15 12:21 PM
I have food I should have dumped but didn't... I caved yesterday and made myself a cheese & tomato toastie... on white bread

I avoided a bottle of wine on Sautrday night because I'd gone pver my syns slightly, and kept Saturday at 3 syns just so I didn't feel deprived, and then blew it on Sunday