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Good diet for long term weight loss

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Sep 7th '16, 22:20 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Sep 2016
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Good diet for long term weight loss

I'm 5"4 and 10stone 12. I have tried many diets over the years but I am always too severe and the results never last. My target weight is 8 stone 7. I am going on holidays late June 2017 and would like to have lost it by then. Anyone have any successful diets for long term weight loss.
Sep 8th '16, 09:33 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Jul 2016
Location: Sudbury, Suffolk
Posts: 778

There's a lot of us on here who have had (and continue to have) success with Slimming World. As opposed to calorie-counting or weighing and measuring, it's more about changing your lifestyle and your relationship with food. I'd recommend it
Sep 8th '16, 09:46 AM  
SoSlim Addict
Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Worcestershire, UK
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I agree with Kay in that SW is very sustainable in the long term.
Sep 11th '16, 20:42 PM  
jada brown
Join Date: Jun 2016
Posts: 19

not actually the diet but a I know a supplement for weight management, I use to use beyond weight management tea and getting better results, just having it half an hour before getting meal.
Dec 1st '16, 12:48 PM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 6

You have ample time and your numbers seem pretty achievable. Stick to a diet and workout plan asap so that you get enough time to know whether its actually working out.
May 4th '17, 10:06 AM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: May 2017
Posts: 1

You said the special right, I then similar to the website (name: kingaluc ACP panels) of the news also saw the same recommendation with you, very useful, your opinion worthy of reference
Jun 29th '17, 19:30 PM  
amy robinson
Socially Shy
Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 4

I found success with Paleo, but I agree with the others it is more a lifestyle than a diet. Try taking small consistent steps in the direction of healthier eating, eliminating processed food etc.
Jul 24th '17, 16:08 PM  
Join Date: May 2013
Location: Here!
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I find many options about can be good but it's sticking to counting and for me I just want to get on with things. I do weigh sometimes but that's just pasta, rice and potatoes and usually if I know I've eaten a little more than normal in the day.

Clean eating/paleo 80/20 I stick too so I try to eat clean for 80% of my food. The idea is to keep away from processed long life food etc on top and overall in short I just find I follow a healthier relationship with my food. NO extra crap.

Meaning a life style change rather than a 'diet' to follow even when you reach goal.

What works for me might not work for others and vice versa - It's finding what suits you!
Jul 24th '17, 20:11 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: UK
Posts: 7,876

I found calorie counting really helpful. My fitness pal helped so much with logging everything and sticking to a plan. It helps if you can find something that you can stick to long term as it is more sustainable
Jul 26th '17, 11:21 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Mar 2017
Posts: 230

I was trying to do slimming world but I've decided to go healthy and home cook more rather than convenience food. I had also read to try illuminate the long life stuff so I have been doing that.
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