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Non-weight loss diet?

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Jan 1st '15, 11:51 AM  
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Non-weight loss diet?

Hi, my name is Chrysann. I'm 18 years old and I don't have much money for food. So when I want to start eating healthier, it's a lot harder. I have to deal with whatever we have here at the house and my mom keeps buying junk food and TV dinners which I find disgusting. I'm 125 pounds so I'm not trying to lose any weight. I simply just want to eat healthier for cheap. I often feel sick, un-motivated, I tend to get headaches very often, and I overall just feel gross on the inside. Like my insides are greasy or acidic. Metaphorically speaking of course. I also have been diagnosed with depression 5 years ago and I'm still struggling which makes it hard to pull out of any bad habits. I take light to medium doses of medication for my depression and I'm also on the birth control pill which sometimes messes with my system if I miss a pill.

With all that in mind, does anyone know an affordable "diet" plan that will simply help me physically feel better and maybe even help motivate me without making me lose too much weight?
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