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Pitching out clothes

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' Forum started by avidian, Jun 4th, 2014 at 11:36 AM.
Jun 4th, 2014, 11:36 AM  
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Pitching out clothes

I went through my clothes this past weekend and donated a good bit away. I don't like the idea of keeping "fat clothes" or "super skinny clothes" around. I don't plan to either gain or drop that much weight again so to me if someone else can use them, more power to them. Does anyone here keep clothes around that don't fit?
Jun 4th, 2014, 12:43 PM  
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that is probably the biggest problem of mine!!! I do keep my "slim" clothes and already for 3 years have been dreaming to wear it soon(((( The main thing that many of clothes are still completely new!! I guess i should take all my power together and get rid of those clothes((
Jun 6th, 2014, 17:32 PM  
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I've bought clothes in my targets down although actually yes I did keep some from a couple of years ago and I was thankful I did last year part way through my weight loss

As for the too big clothes, most of mine I have given to a friend who is also dieting, she started at a larger size to myself so for each size I dropped she has for each of her targets, she was so grateful, it costs a fortune going down in clothes as much as it does when you go up
Jun 9th, 2014, 20:07 PM  
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I keep all my old slim clothes which I can now fit into again, Wooo! I did throw one pair of my favourite trousers away years ago as I was convinced I would never fit into them again so I'm pretty disappointed I did that as I loved them and I would be able to fit into them now.

I keep a lot of my bigger clothes as I hate to part with things but I guess I should have a sort out sometime. I like to wear some of my old bigger clothes as pyjamas of lounging around clothes

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