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I need clothes help!

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' Forum started by PrincessPikachu, Feb 13th, 2014 at 12:44 PM.
Feb 13th, 2014, 12:44 PM  
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I need clothes help!

I'm properly crap with clothes, I live in jeans and uggs! It's just practical with having 2 young kids! Anyway, I'm about to start a new job and need new clothes! It's in a furniture/housey stuff type shop, so doesn't need to be office type wear, but kinda smart but practical!

Trousers wise, I need some new black trousers, but don't know what type to get? I'm not a massive fan of flarey ones, but think straight leg ones might look funny cos I'm only short! And I wouldn't know what shoes to wear with straight leg ones?!

Top wise, I'm thinking nice jumper (the skinny type with puffy shoulder if that makes sense?!) and nice pretty shirt type things? Does that sound about right?!

I'm so useless with clothes and fashion
Feb 13th, 2014, 21:06 PM  
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I'd say a few pair of pants in neutral colors like black, gray, navy, beige. Comfortable shoes with maybe a small heel would look good with a straight leg. Maybe a couple cardigan sweaters or blazers to mix and match with the pants and a few cute blouses with some color to offset the neutral pants. To that, you could add a couple cute pieces of jewelry or a scarf.

I think you'll do fine! Congratulations on the new job!
Feb 13th, 2014, 23:25 PM  
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Do you wear heels? Any kind of court room style shoes would go with straigh leg and IMO so would flatter comfier shoes.

Theres a difference between flare and bootcut though, I always have bootcut and some jeans are more booted than others, most times I get peeved not enough

Sainsburys do some nice petite clothes if you have a bigger store near you and when they have some half price items on some good bargains to be had with IMO quality clothes, I always look on the sale lines!
Feb 14th, 2014, 09:30 AM  
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Thanks jeans! I need to double check on Monday, but I think it has to be black trousers, not sure though! I'm just no good at coordinating clothes!

Wobbs, it has to be flats, I can't walk in heels to save myself! I might pop to sainsburys and have a look! I went out last night looking and it was a disaster! I did get a top though! Will update properly later, have just realised the time and the kids still aren't dressed!!
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