Slimming World Diet Program

Oct 3rd '13 20:13 PM
I was browsing the internet when I came across this forum. I had never heard of the Slimming World program. I am enjoying hearing about other people's results but where can I find details about how the program works and how to join.
Oct 9th '13 20:12 PM
Slimming world really changed my eating and good habits mostly:
How I cooked
3 meals a day
Healthier shopping trolley

I cooked from scratch any way but sometimes I got lazy or how I cooked it sometimes wasn't the best.

SW has A and B choices to pick from per day (dairy and cereal type choices) then you have super free foods and free foods. Anything more for A and B and anything not in free foods needs syned. You are allowed 15 syn per day, how many syns depends on each food.

Only thing I didn't agree with is unlimited pasta and potato, I very much limited mine.
Nov 12th '13 12:28 PM
I tried the slimming world diet and found it hard to lose weight on the plan. I lost about 8lbs over a period of 4 months which was much too slow for me. The sw leader kept saying we could eat as many free and super free foods as we wanted to and no limit on pasta and potato. I didn't see the sense in this so maybe this is why it took me so long to lose the weight - I love banana's - she said I could eat as many as I wanted, which I did but not sure it helped with losing weight. I think I'll try the diet again but cut back on certain foods....
Dec 10th '13 19:14 PM
Absolutely Giselle, I too never got this and ignored the pasta, rice and potatoes as 'free'. I wasn't wanting 1-2lbs a week loss at the beginning and glad I did. Girl I went to SW group with was losing slower than me but she had a lot of pasta, didn't think anything of it because the rule is 'free', she lost heart in it in the end which I thought was unfortunate.
Dec 10th '13 19:15 PM
Unlimited rice pasta and potatoes sounds crazy!