Syns help!

Oct 8th '18 12:06 PM

I use my Healthy A for milk but I’ve just had a feta salad so need to syn it.
I had 30Grams of Sainsbury’s Greek style cheese, it’s the be good to yourself one.
The calories for 30 grams calories is 54kcal.

Any help would be appreciated x
Oct 8th '18 12:13 PM
Sainsbury’s Basics Greek Style Salad Cheese is 3.5 syns per 25g

Personally, I would round up to 4 syns for 30g. Just to be safe.
You're always best to overestimate than under count
Oct 8th '18 12:25 PM
I agree definitely best to over estimate! Thank you for this, tomorrow I’ll just have 25g! Xx