Slimming Tea

Jul 24th '18 18:58 PM
Good day everyone.
since I gave birth to my first child, I gain massive weight and got fat. I can't workout a lot since I have a daily job and I'm taking care of my baby. I want to get a dietary supplement but it's to expensive. Someone told me that tea is a great choice to boost metabolism, loose weight and get slim. Now I'm looking a slimming tea on Amazon but I'm confused on different products. Can you please give me some advice on the best product I should use. thank you in advance
Sep 20th '18 22:49 PM
I've never looked at the ones that claim they are specific for weight loss, but I know Green Tea is good for helping aide weight losses. Try to aim for 5-6 cups a day
Jan 24th '19 18:16 PM
Try 9 days detox w FL. Feel so healthy after face sharpen so much .

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