Lost 3 stones since November

Jun 21st '17 13:16 PM
Following a bereavement my husband and I gained weight like nobodies business. We had problems with breathing, joints and generally felt unhealthy. I'm not surprised. My husband (6ft tall) ballooned to 19 and a half stones and me, only 5'5" swelled up to 18 and a half. I am deeply ashamed to mention all this.
In November we joined S.W. and haven't looked back. Hubby has lost 5 stones and been voted man of the year and I have lost 3.
I feel now, that I could do with a forum where I can get a ticker but I haven't got a signature box.. Do I have to wait until I have been a set time?) And talk to people the same as me but in different cities.
I really, really look forward to meeting you all
Jun 22nd '17 10:10 AM
Hello.....? Anyone there....?
Jun 23rd '17 13:29 PM
Hi Bookworm. It's very quiet on here at the moment due to summer holidays I presume.
I think you need to post 10 times before you can have a signature. Have a look in the Support section as I'm sure it's been brought up before
Jun 23rd '17 14:17 PM
Hi Bookworm

Wow that's amazing, both of you.

Your signature will start appearing at post 10. This is just to weed out spammers. Sorry for the confusion.

Jun 23rd '17 17:15 PM
Hello both. I'm not surprised people are off line in this heat we have just had. I was so hot yesterday, I seemed to be talking gibberish. And of course the tennis is on too. I hope I can start a diary off.
Jun 23rd '17 19:27 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! You have both done so well with the weight loss

Jan 5th '18 15:21 PM
Just registered here today and only joined (for the umpteenth time) a class last night. Your achievement is very inspiring as I have 5 stone to lose, which is the goal I have chosen. So was delighted to find your thread here. Well done to both of you
Apr 15th '18 18:56 PM
Awesome! Well done.