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Oct 30th '16, 12:38 PM  
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Thinking of restarting

Hello, I joined slimming world last April at 17 stone 5. In 5 months I lost over 3 stone and then couldn't get back in to it after my holiday. I used to follow it but a low carb version so I wouldn't eat any pasta rice potato etc as I just thought it wouldn't be possible for me to lose weight eating carbs. I think this may of been the problem though as I felt so restricted I would spend the first half of the week bingeing and then barely eating anything so I would of lost weight for weigh in. This past year has been a whole year of bingeing and then trying restrictive diets and then repeat. I have put on a stone and feeling miserable. I am thinking of restarting slimming world but incorporating carbs this time. However I don't know whether to do it myself or home. I found when I went to the meetings I would starve myself in the day and spend the day worrying about how much I would lose. So I like the idea of doing it at home so I can weigh first thing. Although I do want hifi bars - this is the only thing swaying me to join a meeting. Any ideas or tips for a serial failer dieter? Thanks x
Oct 31st '16, 13:54 PM  
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I personally like going to the groups.
For me, if I don't go to the groups, even when I'm in a bad patch, I would put on so much more weight, so that bit of accountability helps me reign it in!
Plus I've got a great group of friends there, and I miss seeing them when ever I've not been due to work or whatever!

I've never understood people starving themselves on WI day... I've always eaten as normal as possible, purely because I don't see it as a true reading when you do step on the scales if you haven't eaten anything. Plus the fact that not eating anything at all (or very little compared to normal) isn't healthy, and you are less likely to lose weight if you starve yourself. I
It's much better to follow the plan as normal as possible.
I swap my meals around on WI day. Because my group starts at 7.15, I don't get home until after 8.30, and I don't want to be eating a big meal then, so I have my larger meal at lunchtime, and grab a sandwich or something after I get home from group.

If you don't want to go to a proper group, follow it from home. It doesn't matter what time of day you weigh each week, as long as you stick to that same day and time every week and try to avoid jumping on the scales in between weigh days.
As for the hifi bars, you can always have the Alpen light bars as an alternative? Unless you don't like them?
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