Oct 29th '16 22:56 PM
I joined slimmer world on Friday, for the first time. Spending the weekend reading up and planning my food for next week. I was thinking of nuts as a snack food, hazelnuts or almonds. Would they count as free or if not how many syncs?
Oct 31st '16 13:47 PM
Hi foodiesue, welcome to Social Slimmers

Best of luck on SW, there are lots of people here who also follow the plan, so there's usually always someone who knows the answer!

With regards to nuts, they are not a free food of any form.
You can have some nuts as your healthy extra B choice, or use them as part of your syns.

16 almonds can be used as your B choice.
25g almonds varies between 7 to 8 syns, depending on brands... Sainsburys Whole almonds are 7 syns per 25g, as are Tesco Whole Foods almonds, and Waitrose Love Life almonds

23 hazelnuts can be used as your B choice.
25 g almonds are a minimum of 8 syns, with a couple of brands being 8.5 syns per 25g.

Personally, I use fruit as my snack food. Snacking on speed food is a great way to help boost your losses. But then again I don't like nuts so I'd never choose them