If you could make any food syn-free, what would it be?

Oct 5th '16 00:02 AM
Exactly what the subject line says! For me it would be Subway sandwiches. I'd eat one for lunch every single day if I could.
Oct 5th '16 08:40 AM
I really enjoy the subway salads to be honest! So tasty (and tastier than one I've made sometimes )

Mine would be either cookies or wine... both if I could
Oct 6th '16 15:39 PM
Stanleys Mum
Cheese- All varieties- That would be amazing
Oct 6th '16 16:41 PM
swkerry on instagram has been going on about the EatLean brand cheese at the moment, you can have up to 70g per day as a HEXA! If you're feeling a bit cheese deprived, check that one out
Oct 6th '16 21:54 PM
Stanleys Mum
Thanks Kaybird for the tip. I adore cheese, especially stilton yum
Oct 7th '16 00:26 AM
Chocolate xxx
Oct 7th '16 09:33 AM
Cheese is a good shout! I never have milk so I always fully enjoy cheese as my A choice

I keep meaning to pick up some of the EatLean cheese, but I don't go anywhere near a Morrisons store at any point!
Oct 7th '16 14:54 PM
Wine or bottled beer
Oct 9th '16 09:23 AM
Oct 9th '16 13:09 PM