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Used all my weekly syns:( what can I do?

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Aug 4th '16, 10:42 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Used all my weekly syns:( what can I do?

Iv had a massive binge and used a ton of syns these past 2 days!

Shall I just start fresh today ?
Thank you
Aug 4th '16, 10:48 AM  
Join Date: Jun 2015
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Basically yes.
I wouldn't advise you limiting your Syns between now and WI because you've obviously felt deprived of something and that's what likely lead to the binge.
I would start fresh today as you said, and go back to having 5-15 Syns each day.

It may not lead to a loss on your next WI, but you've at least got back on track and that's the first step
And who knows, if you load up the speed foods, you may even get a loss next week

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Aug 4th '16, 15:19 PM  
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I would carry on my week and not start again personally or you go round in circles ... extra good mode. Not easy but definitely doable

I usually go way off weekends and pull back into 'extra good mode' which I like to call it!

Those speed and super foods do wonders for our cravings (the things we think we want) along side water... good luck!

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