Sp as a vegetarian

Feb 15th '16 13:53 PM
Hi i want too have a go at sp can some one give me an idea of their day on sp please?
Can you have rice or pasta but syn it? Would that be same for potatoes? Is sp the old red days?
Feb 15th '16 14:03 PM
No it's not really like a red day.
To have a true SP day, you can't have any pasta, rice, potatoes, fat free yogurt/fromage frais or any other 'free' food. There is no way to syn free foods, and you can't use synned alternatives to free foods (i.e. the McCain jakcets are 1 syn each, but still wouldn't be 'acceptable' on a SP day)

Which books are you looking at mummybear? Do your books have the Speed and Protein foods in them, or do yours show Super Speed foods?

If you need a list of what the speed and protein foods are, google 'slimming world list of s and p foods' there's a lovely list of these on Pintrest too. (It's a really long list for me to sit and type!)
You basically choose from those - half a plate of speed foods, and half a plate of protein foods (it has to be half and half for it to work properly)
You still get your 5-15 syns each day, and your healthy extra choices, but you get a second hex b choice (bread/cereal/etc.)

Does that makes sense???
Feb 15th '16 14:42 PM
Hello sarah thank you i have the 2015 food optimising book which does have the sp stuff in there. I thought i could try it but syn rice or something i may look at my green and original book ive only done green and ee before