New to SW .

Feb 5th '16 13:54 PM
Morning people. I'm new to SW and just want to check that the menu I've worked out for today is ok on the green plan. Boiled eggs and some fruit and fat free yougurt for brekkie, tuna salad for lunch with the tuna from my b choice, baked potato with cheesy beans and a salad for dinner, with the cheese from my b choice. I'm having skimmed mike in drinks as my a choice and a glass of wine with dinner for my syns. I'm very confused, does that sound ok? Appreciate your help.
Feb 5th '16 18:14 PM
I only know Extra Easy and SP i'm afraid! sounds like a perfect EE day to me though! x
Feb 5th '16 20:07 PM
I remember the old green and red days and that looks fine to me
Feb 5th '16 20:07 PM
Welcome to the forums too!
Feb 5th '16 20:32 PM
Hi Nettie and welcome to Social Slimmers!