Sw syn free korma curry

Jan 22nd '16 15:06 PM
Hi I'm new to slimming world I'm wondering if I make syn free sw korma curry and rice, how much of the curry and rice should I eat, obviously I will also be eating it with syn free speed foods?
Jan 22nd '16 19:43 PM
Hi im new also..iv joined monday...it says in the book that its 6 syns for curry sauce...and rice cooked with out fat is free..however it states to eat as much as your appetite..which i dnt really get the concept as iv eaten so much this week than i prob normally would..but iv made better choices..so havn had many sweet things..have you done your 1st weigh in and lost any yet...im curious to know it works while eaten all the free foods etc...
Jan 22nd '16 21:08 PM
It's all about moderation. Especially with the rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. You should make each meal with at least 1/3 speed foods, whether that's fruit or veg (depending on the meal time) ideally you want 1/3 protein foods with each meal, but I don't with breakfast personally. I have speed fruit normally and sometimes a yogurt

With regards to the korma, yes there is a syn free version and this is the recipe.

Sw syn free korma curry-imageuploadedbytapatalk1453493109.111275.jpg

Jan 23rd '16 12:48 PM
Hi Auroralights12 no iv not weighed yet only started Thursday evening at my local sw group so won't be weighed till this Thursday evening. Well I made the sw syn free chicken korma and it was so watery and I followed it like it said on sw online even so it was nice just far to watery I'd reduce the chicken stock the next time I make it see if that makes a difference in thickness. Today I'm making chilli with 5% fat mince beef and I'm going to put in a few free veg eg peppers, onions and mushrooms served with rice and broccoli.

I asked my sw group rep about how much I should have had of the sw syn free chicken korma and rice and she said eat till you are full but not full where you are busting and as I had the broccoli with it for a speed food it was ok
Jan 23rd '16 19:04 PM
A lot of the SW curries are quite watery, but I tend to leave hints to simmer and reduce for a while longer to thicken them up.

The chilli sounds good, don't forget your tomatoes are a speed too so that's even more speed in your chilli (assuming you put them in )
Jan 23rd '16 20:06 PM
I made it with tomatoe passatta would this also be considered as speed food? I didn't add any tin tomatoes as I thought it would have made it watery so left them out as it was juicer enough. It turned out nice even without them a lot better than the chicken korma lol
Jan 24th '16 12:10 PM
Yes they count. Tomatoes are a speed food whether they are fresh, tinned or in the form of passatta
Jan 24th '16 12:14 PM
Laura84...since im new im quite shockd how much we can have of free foods an stil lose..my 1st weigh in is 2moro..i hope i havent gained although iv never eaten so much in all my life..wel healthy food anyway😂