A bit confused

Dec 31st '15 09:57 AM
Hi I wonder if anyone can help, as I am a bit confused, I bought a countdown 12 weeks for the price of 10, and my consultant said that I have to say now whether I have any holiday booked, however a couple of weeks ago I was able to book a holiday with only 1 weeks notice, can anyone help me with the rules regarding holidays and days off sick?
Dec 31st '15 11:03 AM
Because you are prepaying for the countdown you have to pre book any holidays. If you pay weekly you can just let your consultant know the week before if you need a holiday, but once the countdown has been entered in the system, there is no way to book holidays.

With regards to sickness, if you can't make it to your normal group, you need to notify your consultant with as much advance notice as you can so they can book sickness for you, but you are at risk of losing a week of your countdown (or having to pay an extra week if you aren't in a countdown)

My suggestion would be to either make sure you can go to your normal group, or if that isn't possible, attend a different group for a one off to make sure you get weighed and don't lose out on one of your weeks.

Does that make sense?
Dec 31st '15 14:09 PM
Ah thanks Sarah, I understand now, it's always difficult to asks questions at the time when you are fully aware of everyone waiting behind you in line, and worried that you are holding everyone up.Thanks for the info
Dec 31st '15 14:12 PM