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Advice - Fresh Start or Keep Going?

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Nov 4th '15, 10:47 AM  
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Advice - Fresh Start or Keep Going?

Hello everyone!

I'm Dreamer and I've been doing SW since 2011. I reached target losing 1 stone 9lbs in 2011 and have been maintaining and yoyoing ever since.
I got engaged earlier this year and I'm getting married in September 2016. I haven't been following the plan properly for the last couple of months so I'm going back next week motivated to start again. My question is would you rejoin and lose my history so I have a new focus and am not focused on the past and get the half stone awards again, or would it be a shame to lose it and should I just keep working towards getting back to what I was?
Part of me feels I need a fresh start and to stop living in the past, and that the awards at each milestone will help. But then the other part of me is worried it's a waste to lose my history?
Sorry for rambling!
Dreamer x
Nov 4th '15, 11:36 AM  
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If you feel you need a fresh start - then do that, you'll still feel the joy of not having gained back all the weight and also the new stickers / certificates etc.
Good luck going back is the main thing and you're doing great doing that.
Nov 4th '15, 21:20 PM  
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If you think having a fresh start would be the best thing to keep you on track, go for it.
Ok maybe you won't get the awards if you don't have as much to lose now as you did when you started, but you know what you've lost from when you first started. You know exactly how far you've come since you made that first decision to walk into a group to lose that weight to make yourself happier.
For me, that's the most important thing. You know what you've achieved so far, and as long as you know it, that's the main thing.

Good luck with getting back to target, whatever decision you make xx
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