Motivation... Help!

Mar 1st '15 16:49 PM
Hi. I'm new to the forum. I have been on and off slimming world since January. Been on it before and saw results and a family member lost lots so I know if I stick to it, I will lose the weight but I feel like i'm constantly sabotaging myself. I'll have a good week and then I get lazy and so on. Any tips on how to stay motivated? Maybe I just do too much too fast like exercising everyday and not letting myself use many syns and then I fall off the wagon easily. Anyone else find this? Any help would be appreciated x
Mar 1st '15 19:24 PM
Hi millybobs87 and welcome to Social Slimmers!
I used to be the same with trying to do too much at once. It felt really good to make so many changes at once, but then I would always go back to my old ways soon after. Maybe try to focus on a few changes at a time and don't beat yourself up if you go off track. We all have off track days. Best of luck with the weight loss!

Mar 2nd '15 14:19 PM
Hello millybobs87!

Welcome! If you feel you are exhausting yourself maybe you are doing too much. It is so easy to fall on and off the 'diet' though, think we all struggle with that some weeks.

What exercise are you doing daily?

Belle xx
Mar 2nd '15 18:24 PM
Hi millybobs,

Welcome to Social Slimmers!

Exercising you NEED rest days, if it starts to be come a chore then you need to slow down. Yes some days I need to kick myself up the backside and some days I have to push to the end but I feel great. 7 days a week is crazy... I do 5 days boot camp which lasts about 40 minutes and 2 running days (treadmill or outside) however they are on a boot camp day giving myself 2 rrest days min a week but if I need to have a extra rest day I will.

How many syns are you using? They say to use at least 5 (if I remember right it is 5). Don't punish yourself and occasionally use moderation or you will go backwards and lose the want to go on ... you are making changes to teh way you eat, I am still changing things and how I eat 2 years later.

I hope you manage to work out what's best for you but when you do you CAN do it. Be positive tell yourself you can!

Mar 2nd '15 21:56 PM
Thanks everyone. I think my problem is im all or nothing. Really strict on my syns and lots and lots of exercise and then i get knocked down very easily and go back to being very bad. Lazy and not eating right. Need to find a happy medium I guess. Thanks for all your help and i wish you all well xx
Mar 3rd '15 11:49 AM
We can be our worst punisher's but if you don't enjoy a bit of w hat you love between then I think it's easier to slip. Definitely try using some s yns and slowing down on the daily exercise... I love exercising but every day no thanks plus I'm too busy

Good luck millybobs
Jun 1st '15 23:03 PM
I think it's learning to forgive yourself for a bad choice, and changing your thinking. I found a brilliant quote:

"Don't trade what you want the most
for what you want now"

It's all about knowing that your taking bits of instant (food) happiness from the future happiness.

But knowing that if you've made a bad choice you can draw a line underneath it, and still continue. It's easy to think 'sod it!'

Also, I've heard writing a list of the reasons you want to do this and putting them somewhere prominent (such as the fridge!) really helps with motivation.

another strange tip - put a special stone or 'keepsake' in your purse to remind you of your goals whenever you open it (perhaps you've popped into the shop for some chocolate...) I've also heard that its good for helping people save money! (think of it as a special holiday stone)
Jun 4th '15 14:54 PM
Wow Wobbles, your stats are really impressive, well done!

I watched a really good film the other night with Morgan Freeman as a badass secret ex-FBI type agent. His tagline when he was training was 'progress not perfection'.

That sums it up perfectly for me - if I focussed more on just making progress, I would probably achieve perfection one day. But in the past I have thought 'sod it' when I have made even the slightest slip up, and it just causes me to abandon the whole thing.

So there you go...progress, even if it isn't perfect. Just need to take my own medicine now!