Weigh in

Aug 11th '14 20:52 PM
I lost 4 an a half pounds woohoo only another 2 and a half pounds to lose to make up the 7 pounds I put on last week lol
Aug 12th '14 06:20 AM
Yay what a great loss! Well done Lisa! It will soon all be off
Aug 12th '14 13:49 PM
Good going Lisa
Aug 12th '14 13:50 PM
Actually as its Tuesday and you had a naughty weekend I think that's brilliant and would only consider you gained 2lbs but enjoyed yourself this is why I changed my weigh-in to Fridays
Aug 12th '14 16:49 PM
Yeah Fridays would b much better least if your naughty over the weekend u have the rest of the week to b good. When I'm naughty of a weekend I'm stuffed as my weigh in is Monday evenings
Aug 13th '14 20:59 PM
Yer mine was a Monday or Tuesday when I did SW at the beginning
Aug 14th '14 20:43 PM
Oct 9th '14 15:17 PM
Well done for a great weight loss!