Slimming World a Breakfast ideas

Jul 7th '14 23:27 PM
Hi, I'm new to SW and am struggling for breakfast ideas which can be prepared the night before and eaten on the go. i generally have to eat on the train, and am already bored of fruit, porridge and yoghurt.

Jul 8th '14 07:56 AM
Hi, we are a bit boring with breakfasts, but perhaps make up a nice thick spanish tortilla and slice it, pop it in the fridge so you are good to go. Similar to that are what they call "breakfast muffins" on the SW website, which are a bit like omelettes just cooked in the oven in silicone cupcake moulds.

Salads can strangely enough be nice for brekkie, perhaps an egg and lean grilled bacon salad? Or Kedgeree pre-prepared and popped in a tub.

Boiled egg and bacon roll, using a 60g wholemeal roll as you HeB might be nice for a change if you can spare your Healthy Extra.

Crispbreads with philly and fruit - you can have loads of light philly as your HeA - I think 70g, I haven't had it in a while, but I found cripbreads which were cinnamon flavoured, spread with philly, small drizzle of honey and sliced apple - tasted good.

Hope some of those help.

Marie xx
Jul 8th '14 18:02 PM
Thanks might give the tortilla and muffins ago
Jul 8th '14 20:07 PM
Sometimes if I was on the go I would have a breakfast bar.

You can have a weighed amount of cereal if you have time?

Have you tried the overnight oats and not just hot porridge?

I'm not a breakfast person and I often have shakes
Jul 10th '14 19:34 PM
Yeh tried over night oats n wasn't a fan. I can't have cereal or porridge as eat my breakfast on train. I'm wondering if I can find a travel Tupperware pot for cereal where milk and cereal can be stored separately

Tried mini tortillas with tomatoes n Spinach which were nice.
Jul 12th '14 02:28 AM
I hear you with being bored of eating the same old breakfast food. I know you can't eat this everyday but a couple of hard-boiled eggs with some salt is not bad. I think what is hard about eating well and losing weight is that food can't always be the most thrilling thing in life.
Jul 14th '14 08:24 AM
Cheers, not a bad call actually! Booked eggs for me tomorrow!