First weigh to night!

Jun 9th '14 14:01 PM
Ok so it's my first weigh in tonight hopefully I've done myself proud an lost a pound or 4 lol. My question weigh in is at 7.30pm what time shall I stop eating or drinking so I don't weigh any more than I have too lol do I eat my dinner b4 I go or after?
Jun 9th '14 14:24 PM
You'll do great. Drink a couple of pints of water a couple hours before so you need a wee just before you go

I personally would have dinner after, but that's just me. Sounds you don't need to worry if you're between 1 and 4 lbs

Well done you. Let us know what the official count is later
Jun 9th '14 14:34 PM
I would probably eat dinner after so that I was lighter I would say whatever you choose then do the same each week so that it's more accurate week to week.

Best of luck for your weigh in!

Jun 9th '14 14:35 PM
Hey Mitch I'm hoping for at least 4lbs but who knows. I.ll soon find out lol. I haven't eaten since 10am an haven't had any fluid since 1pm. I really don't want to weigh any more than I have too lol. Yeah I was thinking eating my dinner after too. Thanku will let u know how I do later!!
Jun 9th '14 14:37 PM
Hey bevziibubbles thanku much appreciated
Jun 9th '14 15:37 PM
I wasn't a fan of the night groups but that is when it suited. I would stop drinking a couple of hours before and just take sips of water if I needed to and my dinner when I got home.

Good luck
Jun 9th '14 16:53 PM
I always weigh in the morning. I thought that after eating/drinking the whole day your weight won't be objective! So it is better to do in the morning when your stomach and intestines will be empty
Jun 9th '14 17:17 PM
Thanks wobbles 😃.

GingerJV...I work at 6am so evening classes r all I can do. But it's very true I think weighing first thing in the morning is must better. Like u said your stomach is empty
Jun 9th '14 19:55 PM
good luck to you i don't think it really matter when you eat or drink