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Jan 15th '16, 14:05 PM  
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Creamy cheese&tomato pasta sauce

Please does anyone have an easy recipe for a creamy cheesey tomato style pasta sauce, the jarred ones are so high in syns. Would like one that doesn't envolve to many ingredients as I'm on a low budget
Jan 30th '16, 05:23 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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I don't have a recipe as such but I suppose you could put a dollop of quark in passata, add some herbs and garlic or add some fat free yogurt and go from there? just a thought..am sure someone will have a recipe somewhere!
Feb 15th '16, 14:04 PM  
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Hi i cook up some onion celery pepper garlic or what ever veg you like add some tinned tomatoes some stock one oxo or similar black pepper some italian herbs simmer for a while then blitz with hand blender and then add hea of philadelphia or syn it. Me i roast the veg till turning nice and brown then add the tomatoes stock cube herbs etc i use this for pizza topping or for pasta but dont add the cheese. Good luck
Feb 16th '16, 13:37 PM  
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I don't have one with tomatoes in it, but I've got a favourite Philly pasta recipe that I like: (for one person as no one else likes it in my house )

75g pasta
1 chicken breast, sliced (or 2-3 rasher bacon fat trimmed and sliced)
1 small onion, sliced
100g (ish) green beans, halved/cut into bitesize pieces
100ml chicken stock
70g Philly Light (hex a choice)
garlic granules
mixed herbs
salt & pepper

Cook the pasta and add the green beans when the pasta is almost done.
Whilst the pasta is cooking, cook the chicken and add the onions and cook until softened.
Mix the Philly light with some mixed herbs and the garlic granules.
Once the pasta and green beans are done, add to the chicken and onion, and stir in the stock and Philly mix.
Heat for a couple of minutes until the liquid has reduced and serve
Feb 16th '16, 15:17 PM  
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sounds lovely. will have to make that myself
Feb 17th '16, 21:22 PM  
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i use philli all the time for pasta, i do a very similar recipe with chicken and philli but use broccoli instead of green beans, i normally hate broccoli but goes lovely in this
Mar 19th '16, 11:08 AM  
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1 Cup tomato paste
boiled pasta
add half cup cream cheese in it

the recipe is ready.
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