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Mar 13th '14, 06:20 AM  
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Chicken Fajitas with tomato salsa (SW)

This can easily be a free meal if you have a little rice instead of a tortilla wrap with the spicy chicken and add some salad to get some more superfree foods, but those in your family not on a diet can obviously have some wraps It's nice and quick to make too and no need to wait for an oven to heat up. I think it takes about 30 minutes including chopping and prep.

Adapted from Jamie Oliver's Chicken Fajita recipe - Ministry of Food book

Fajitas for 4:

1 red pepper (I use one of each colour just to add some lovely colours)
2 medium red onion
2-3 skinless, boneless higher-welfare chicken breasts
1 teaspoon smoked paprika (I use a whole lot more, I like it to go a bit more orangey so I just sprinkle all over the pan)
1 tsp cumin
2 fresh red chillies (we like a bit of spice, you can totally leave these out)
1 lime
freshly ground black pepper

Wholemeal tortillas are around 7 and a half syns but it depends on which brand, you will want to check on the syn calc depending on where you shopped

Some zero fat greek yoghurt to serve
Optional - grated cheese of choice (we have a small amount of parmesan but you can use cheddar) we used as part of our Healthy Extras.

For the salsa
½-1 fresh red chilli, to your taste
15 ripe cherry tomatoes
1 small bunch fresh coriander
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
1 lime

Just slice your onions and either dry fry ( i add a little water to stop them catching from time to time) or use some frylite, then add your peppers until just beginning to soften, add your fresh chillies and all your dried spices and let them fry in the pan for about a minute. Add your sliced or diced chicken and a good squeeze of lime juice and cook the meat through. Add some fresh black pepper at the end before serving if you want.

Literally just chop everything up by hand if you like it chunky or blitz it if you like smooth salsa.

Hope I did the syns/healthy extras bit right

Mar 13th '14, 10:50 AM  
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That looks amazing. See this is why I'm the weight I am, because I don't have the imagination to realise that good food can also be diet friendly.

So making this (tonight if I have the stuff in the cupboard)!

Thanks Marie
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