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Disaster meal - cheer me up someone!

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Oct 24th '15, 16:56 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Location: Bulgaria
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Disaster meal - cheer me up someone!

Where to start. Been looking forward for days to veg spring rolls and sweet n sour chicken. Opened the filo and three quarters of it disintegrated onto the floor - had just enough for 5 tiny rolls. The frozen stir fry veg I was using as a filling tasted of stinky cabbage AND the oven decided it would only cook everything at 350 degrees. They were disgusting.

I'd made the sweet n sour sauce, decided there wasn't enough, so doubled it up then realised I'd ran out of ketchup but thought oh it'll be OK. No, it wasn't. All I could taste was vinegar. The stir fry tasted of cabbage. At least my 1 tablespoon of rice was edible. Oh and I was supposed to be having a red day but oh no, I HAD to put beansprouts in it, didn't I? So not only did I waste all my precious syns, the WHOLE MEAL was disgusting.

I'm heading for the vodka.....................somebody stop me ..............
Oct 25th '15, 05:47 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: Bulgaria
Posts: 211

Well I left the vodka alone - had 3 chocolate marshmallows instead! Lol x
Oct 25th '15, 10:30 AM  
SoSlim Addict
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Sorry it all went wrong for you
Oct 25th '15, 15:02 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Only 3 syns in vodka and diet drink You did well coping. Its what makes the real difference long term. I would of ordered out and gained several pounds.

Lot of restaurants add small amount of oyster sauce to the vegetables. Gives it that distinctive flavor. Mushroom sauce might be good vegi option. Good luck with your future endeavors.

There is a easy to make raw veg one where you just wrap julienne fresh veg n herbs in rice paper and dunk in water, soy & chilli mix. Not every ones cup of tea but super healthy ... Think I've got a McKeith recipie somewhere gathering dust.
Oct 26th '15, 15:58 PM  
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I'd have had a vodka it's one of the cleanest drinks if you are going to drink as long as it's not topped with sugary drinks.

That aside ... I hate those kitchen disasters! Do you have freezer meals for emergencies? Marshmallows YUM.... I'd love a little BBQ this winter for the kids to do marshmallows outside I think ... random idea from your post
Oct 27th '15, 11:51 AM  
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Oh dear sorry it went so wrong hun!!
Hopefully you have a more sucessful attempt next time!! x
Oct 28th '15, 12:09 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: Bulgaria
Posts: 211

Thank you for your kind words xxx Trouble is Wobbles I wouldn't have stopped at just ONE vodka lol! Well I did my weigh in on Monday - 1 lb. I must not eat any more coleslaw swimming in mayo - what is this sudden obsession I have with mayo? Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a mayo-ish dressing with 0% greek yoghurt and something...not sure what yet. Wish me luck. Paul the raw veg spring rolls sound delish but no rice paper in Bulgaria (well not where I live anyway). I will attempt them again with filo that hasn't been in my fridge for 6 years because 1 syn per roll sounds fab to me. So, disappointed with a 1 lb loss but three quarters of a bottle of wine, half a ton of mayo and 8 marshmallows was not good! Doing OK so far this week - just made leek n potato soup for lunch and I have spag bol in the slow cooker without the meat for tonight. OH went out earlier and I'd asked for chickpeas to make some falafels - he came back with a jar of beansprouts. Bless. Considering I loathe vegetables I'm doing OK. Anybody tried the falafels? Going to look for a recipe with no chickpeas now!! xxx
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