Pasta Pizza

Jul 4th '14 07:32 AM
We get a BBC channel on the telly over here in Denmark and it seems to constantly stream Rachel Khoo's cookery show.

I saw her making this Pasta Pizza the other day - which would be significantly less syns than making an ordinary pizza (would also taste a heck of a lot nicer than a "smash" pizza base in my opinion too - eurgh not something I ever want to eat lol)

I haven't made it yet - I think it would be wise to only have a smallish portion as even though pasta is free food, well you can overdo it can't you

I will try it at some point soon - I will probably use cheese and ham as a topping with cheese as my HEa - if I portion it first then can add the correct weight to your portion - obviously I will omit the olive oil too.

Pasta Pizza Bianca Recipe (Goats cheese and Parma Ham):

Pasta Pizza Rossa Recipe (Tomato, Olive and Anchovy):

I think maybe a roasted veg one would be nice with a bit of mozzarella (45g can be used as HEa)

Enjoy! xxx
Jul 4th '14 17:30 PM
love pizza!!! ;-) thanks a lot;-)