Perk up your celery

Oct 6th '13 16:10 PM
My celery always goes limp in the refrigerator within a couple days. I read that if you fill a container with ice cold water and let the celery soak in it that it will get crunchy again.

It works.
Oct 6th '13 17:09 PM
Thank you for the tip!
Oct 6th '13 22:19 PM
Thanks for the tip, LorriX. I love celery but a lot of times it goes limp before I get the whole stalk eaten. I am the only one in my family that eats it so I don't buy it often and would end up throwing out more than I ate. I will have to try this because I don't buy it as often as I would like because I hate throwing it out.
Oct 30th '13 01:26 AM
Thank you for the tip! I can never go through celery fast enough, so it always tends to go kind of limp and sad. Definitely trying out this trick.
Nov 4th '13 06:01 AM
Thank you. I did not know that this was the case with celery. I use a lot of celery with dips, hummus and my tomato sauce. I hate to throw it out when it gets old. Now I won't have to!
Nov 4th '13 15:20 PM
Oh I didn't know this either thanks I love celery with homemade dip!
Nov 15th '13 19:16 PM
My mom taught me this trick years ago. I swear it does not last long in the fridge. I just toss it in ice water and it is as good as new. I wonder what makes celery go limp so fast.
Nov 15th '13 20:15 PM
If you keep your fresh herbs in the refrigerator with their stems standing in a little bit of water, they will also last much, much longer.