Subs for butter?

Aug 22nd '13 16:12 PM
I found a great recipe for Weetabix muffins but can't bring myself to make them with butter. Does anyone here have tips for a decent substitute? I am not sure if there could be anything that would work.
Aug 22nd '13 19:28 PM
I'd use marg or a low fat spread, it should work the same x
Aug 22nd '13 19:39 PM
I always substitute margarine, preferably one with very low to no trans-fats, like Smart Balance. I'm surprised there is butter in a muffin recipe. All the ones I've made call for oil, which I substitute at least half with applesauce.
Aug 23rd '13 15:59 PM
I use lurpak lightest sometimes I find it quite pricey £££ though if not on offer!
Aug 23rd '13 16:19 PM
We switched to Smart Balance a while back and I have used it on just about everything. No one has really noticed any difference. What are you making?
Aug 24th '13 08:50 AM
Lurpak's well expensive I always buy whatever's on offer and use it in everything! I'm such a cheapskate I think we're on flora light ATM, which is actually really nice!
Oct 10th '13 14:17 PM
You can use yogurt or apple sauce as a substitute for butter in many recipes. When I make vegan brownies I replace the butter with apple sauce and they still turn out to be tasty. It is much healthier than butter, that is for sure.
Oct 14th '13 21:41 PM
Land o' Lakes makes a butter and olive oil spread that we like a lot. It's often on sale for $1.99 for a small tub of it at our local market.