Lettuce Wraps

Mar 13th '14 08:39 AM
I just have to share how MUCH I love making lettuce wraps for lunch. I haven't eaten much bread in about 10 years (the first time I lost a lot of weight). And now I found a way to satiate my sandwich cravings. Iceburg lettuce stuffed just like you would a sandwich "wrap". It has to have nice big leaves, but it's totally doable. Lay the lettuce leaf open flat and fill it and roll it (like a tortilla)...and it does the trick for me. Meat, a little cheese, lowfat salad dressing...and I'm good to go!
Mar 15th '14 03:34 AM
Sounds like a pretty feasible thing to do...just get some iceberg lettuce and go to town. One question--how do you keep it from breaking while you roll it? Any special tricks?
Mar 15th '14 19:23 PM
That sounds good. It's impressive that you've not eaten bread in that long. I wish I was capable of that!
Mar 16th '14 00:35 AM
Sounds yummy. I love lettuce. I have a salad every day and am still not sick of lettuce. I don't eat much bread, either, but I don't eat a lot of things that require bread.
Mar 17th '14 08:42 AM
Thanks guys, I love it as an alternative to sandwiches. I don't crave sandwiches very often, but when I do, it's usually the stuff inside that I really want, so this helps to keep the calories down. Poppy, I pull off one full leaf and then roll it from stem (white part) out to the ends. I usually have it so stuffed full of filler that it doesn't break!
Mar 18th '14 22:16 PM
These sound like a plan Thanks ... think iceberg lettuce is on the shopping list afterall!
Mar 20th '14 18:21 PM
I may try this with some of the other varieties of lettuce since iceberg, while tasting good and having a nice crunch, doesn't really add any nutrients. Leaf lettuce, rather than head lettuce, may even be easier (for me) to roll.

I love this idea.
Mar 21st '14 15:07 PM
Wraps are yummy! I have started doing a mini breakfast sandwich. I found these little flat bread type wraps at my store and they are great (100 calories each). I also stated to use flat out bread (another brand that I don't remember right now), they are both a little expensive but the price is worth the taste and the lower calories!