Carrots for a snack?

Dec 4th '13 16:31 PM
Actually, yes! Carrots can be a great snack and I have found that they fill you up as well. Get some sweet baby carrots and you can dip them in peanut butter, almond butter, or even make a healthy dip or vinaigrette.

Dec 4th '13 17:31 PM
We eat baby carrots all the time. I like them plain but the kids like them dipped in low-fat ranch dressing. I never thought of dipping them in peanut butter. We do put peanut butter on our celery.
Dec 4th '13 18:27 PM
I love carrots! I've never tried them with peanut butter on before but what a great idea
Dec 4th '13 20:27 PM
I like to dip them in hummus but I wouldn't say no to trying them with peanut butter. I pretty much like peanut butter on everything. Try it on apple slices sometime. That's pretty good!
Dec 4th '13 23:54 PM
I've had to swear off the peanut butter lately, but the carrots do sound good. Peanut butter just has so many WW points! Five points for 2 tbsp of peanut butter just isn't worth it!!
Dec 5th '13 15:08 PM
I eat carrots as a snack sometimes too. They are like nuts to me; they fill me up pretty quickly, but then I get hungry quickly again.