Slim and Save 10 week challenge

Nov 20th '15 18:34 PM
3 shakes down and heading to the gym soon, gonna have another warm shake when I get home if I have any chocolate ones left. Already feel like my face has lost some water retention which is good, have my works do next week (early I know) so hoping because I'm wearing a peplum dress will look a bit slimmer. Looking forward to a weekend of staying in, couldn't face going out in this weather!! xxx
Nov 21st '15 01:23 AM
Well boxing was fun tonight. Had a sparring session and all was going well until I hit a guy a bit too hard and ripped my acrylic nail off! It's so bad that even a piece of flesh *soz tmi* has come off with it! I won't be able to get it fixed before my works do either. It's so sore I can't actually sleep. I'm such a donut!

Anyway, day 4 is done. My lovely step dad was sitting eating toast and pea ti m&ms right next to me but wasn't tempted. The last time I did this diet I was living with a friend so found it easy to not eat naughty foods because if there were some in the cupboards I felt like they weren't mine to have. Since moving back home is when the weight has piled on again. I'm constantly in the cupboards or the fridge eating things I wouldn't even look at if I wasn't living here! This is a huge reason for me to make this work. I need to know that I can lose weight whilst I live here. If I can crack that then I know once I'm off the shakes I can resume to eating healthy. If I had never have moved back I wouldn't have put on weight because I actually do like eating healthy! Suprising as that may be xxx
Nov 21st '15 18:47 PM
Been sat in the hairdressers for 5 hours today!! Got nice new extensions and gone back dark, still a bit blonde on the ends, I love it! Downside is that meant for 5 hours I've had nothing to eat with others eating pasties and pot noodles. It's been pure torture! I was starving by the time I finally got home (to the smell of full fat shepherds pie) but I've made it through! Had a shake and am about to make another so I still get my four in. Thank the Lord day 5 is nearly over xxx
Nov 22nd '15 14:53 PM
Staying in at the weekend certainly helps with sticking to the shakes. Gonna have a Sunday dinner today of slow cooked chicken and veg (all allowed in the plan) be nice to have some proper food xxx
Nov 22nd '15 22:34 PM
Well my chicken turned out lovely. Seasoned with paprika, cayenne pepper, thyme and garlic all slow cooked for 4 hours. Literally fell apart and was so juicy. Put in some celery, onion and carrot with it so had that as my meal. Day 6 done xxx
Nov 23rd '15 21:50 PM
Week one complete, not gonna weigh myself until at least Xmas. My face already feels less bloated though, my cheekbones are more defined again which is nice. At least my makeup should look good when I have it done on Friday for the work do. I would post pictures but I'd be the only one looking at them 😂😂 I hope at least someone sees this diary and gets some inspiration from it xxx
Nov 25th '15 01:03 AM
Day 8 100% on plan done, plus an hour training at the gym. Feeling much better about myself, can't wait to start seeing some results xxx
Nov 25th '15 21:45 PM
Day 9 complete! Had my three shakes and decided on a couple of boiled eggs for my tea which is allowed within the plan instead of a fourth pack. Waiting for the apprentice then finally on double figure days xxx
Nov 26th '15 11:28 AM
Sorry I didn't reply to you, rude! I've had a few days away from work (and also eating healthily!!!) as it was my birthday yesterday, so I haven't been about much. Well done for keeping it up, day 10 today! How do you feel? I must say, I have lost 1 and a half stone now, since July and I just don't feel any slimmer or feel like I look any thinner, so I am looking forward to seeing some results soon too!
Nov 26th '15 13:06 PM
Hey! Like Ernie I am on Slimming World and not Slim and Save.

However, your blog is awesome and we are all here to support one another no matter what diet we are on

I also gained weight once I moved back home so we are on the same boat there!!

I'd love to see some before and after pictures once you have weighed in

Keep up the good work and I hope day 10 is going well for you