Protein shakes when working out

Jun 9th '13 20:44 PM
Does anyone use shakes for workout days? What do you buy?

I have been having shakes on the days I go to the gym. I am currently using Celebrity Slim Active supposedly only for people exercising:

I have adapted this round me and not their plan (I have carbs etc in evening for starters). I am not a breakfast eater so now I have decided shakes for breakfast will be for the foreseeable future, just not this one in the end. Food wasn't satisfying me when I smashed it out at the gym now when on the shakes gym days I am not hungry.

On days I don't exercise I have a slim fast for breakfast.
Jun 9th '13 21:22 PM
I have sci mx grs5 twice a day on gym days, once a day on rest days

Pricey lol but its the nuts
Jun 9th '13 21:35 PM
That is pricey! How may shakes in one tub? Did you not get on with the ones from Tesco?
Jun 9th '13 21:47 PM
Ummm I think it's either 18 or 24, something like that. Telco one was too high in carbs for what I wanted, especially with cutting down on carbs anyway. 1 shake had more carbs than a piece of bread
Jun 9th '13 22:24 PM
Ah really! So £ though ... not sure what I will move on to in the future x
Jun 10th '13 11:19 AM
Do you girls take protein after your workouts? I wanna start but dont know what level you should be at before you start iykwim? Like i want to be doing enough in the gym for it to be of benefit but not sure how.much i need to be doing?
Jun 10th '13 11:40 AM
Just a simple whey protein would do you no harm, especially if you're not getting your RDA of protein from food
Jun 10th '13 15:52 PM
I have a whey protein, last time I took it I was really poorly afterwards for a couple of days but think it was just a stomach bug! I just take it after my workout.
Jun 10th '13 16:05 PM
Yeah i might start taking it seeing as my exercise regime.has been upped, we seel it in the shop i work in for cheap and I'd get 20% discount lol!
Jun 10th '13 21:12 PM
How long is tub lasting you Belle?