Your thoughts on Intermittent Fasting

Dec 14th '18 18:25 PM
Hello!! Just wanted everybodys thoughts on IF and if they use it...I've been using it for atleast 5 years know and it's been great, Its ready not a diet just a life style change
Jan 4th '19 22:04 PM
Personally I really like it. I know plenty of people who have gotten awesome results from it.

It really teaches self control by controlling your urge to eat.
Mar 11th '19 20:32 PM
I used to IF when I was trying to lose weight. It really worked well for me, though it is awkward at first when your friends are eating and you aren't. ^^;; I don't do it anymore, though; it was only a short term diet for me, even though I believe it could have been very sustainable.
Mar 13th '19 12:03 PM
I do think Intermittent Fasting can boost our weight loss... I do fast but it's mostly never intentional, if I'm honest I love a good fall out so I don't cook dinner