I need to be on it 100% this week!

Oct 20th '13 12:08 PM
Friday: full bowl of angel delight, 4 onion bhajis

Saturday: chips, cheese and gravy, too much alcohol, crisps, naan bread!

Dreading the scales tomorrow! It was worth it at the time though! Just got to hope I can behave myself today!
Oct 20th '13 12:24 PM
We had steak and chips last night got to let loose at some point as long as you can get back into good mode you'll be fine! Lots of water today ....

What alcohol do you drink?
Oct 20th '13 12:35 PM
Usually wine or desperados, last night was wine, g&t and jaegerbombs but surprisingly I feel fresh as a daisy this morning, although that could be because we slept til just gone 11!
Oct 20th '13 12:39 PM
I think wine is a bad choice and try stuck to the spirits with diet drinks ... I kept saying this to Stu and with wine and beers he wades finding not much move on scales but since he's been just drinking vodka he's getting better results x
Oct 20th '13 15:31 PM
It is a bad choice really, but with the price of drinks here it's a cheaper option! Even then I hate buying a glass of wine for the same price I could buy a bottle in the shops! Which is why I always make OH pay when we go out
Oct 20th '13 16:27 PM