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Struggling to lose weight? Get checked out for Sleep Apnoea

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Apr 24th '19, 11:13 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Struggling to lose weight? Get checked out for Sleep Apnoea

I first tried joining Slimming World about 5 years ago and I sacked it off cause I wasn't seeing the kind of results I wanted to see. 1 pound here, half a pound there... it just wasn't happening fast enough.

However I was very drowsy during the day and struggling to sleep at night. When I did sleep my snoring was absolutely abysmal. And I'd wake up gasping for breath.

It was absolutely awful.

My wife suggest I might have sleep apnoea. So I got myself an appointment with a sleep clinic who not only diagnosed it - they got me in for an urgent appointment as it was one of the worst cases they had ever seen.

I was given something called a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine. It's essentially an oxygen mask that filters ambient air from the room and pumps it into my throat. It stops my airways closing up and allows me to get actual sleep.

I realised that cause I wasn't sleeping properly my body wasn't working properly and that's why I was struggling with my weight loss.

I've been on it for almost four years now... and in that time I have lost a stone just from using that!

If you're struggling to lose weight and also feeling tired during the day, struggling to sleep at night - and your partner complains that your snoring is horrendous - there's a good chance you have this condition. It's VERY common.

So it might be worth a trip to your Doctor.
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