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Aug 5th '16, 11:58 AM  
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Help please second time round struggling to lose!


I am a 30 year ols male and was wondering whether anyone here had any advice or has gone through something similar. I first joined slimming world 5 years ago. I lost 6 stone and got down to a healthy weight.

However after veering away from plan for a couple of years I've managed to put over 4 stone back on. I decided enough was enough and rejoined. Since rejoining 15 weeks ago I've lost 9 pounds. However I got to the 9 pounds about 6 weeks ago and have just had a small gain or small loss since then and not really moved on.

I'm not doing anything different at all from last time. I never have over 15 syns in a day. I don't eat any green food but I try to make up for it with other things. A typical day consists of me having strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit a banana and a half syn muller light for breakfast. 3 2 1 soup with a 4 and a half syn bag of popcorn and an apple for lunch. And dinner will be some sort of chicken with a tomato based sauce using passage onions and carrots to get the speed, with rice and chicken. I then have a hi fi bar and cheese as healthy extras and a curly wurly or mini milk as a snack.

I don't ever drink all alcohol or go over my syn limit and I regularly exercise. I just don't understand why it's not going anywhere and am getting very disheartened with it all.
Aug 6th '16, 10:19 AM  
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Sorry to hear you're struggling or rather the scales seem to be struggling with what you're doing!
I have a similar background to yours, I got to my target weight (well, 1.5lbs away from it!) and then put it all back on over the course of 18-24 months. So now I'm at the same stage you are in trying to lose it again.

Some of these will sound daft because you obviously know what to do with the plan as you've done it before, but sometimes I've had someone remind me of something when I wasn't having great results, despite the fact I've been attending a class for 5+ years! So please don't think I'm trying to demean what you know or do, I'm just thinking of common issues that sometimes some people don't realise

Are you drinking enough water?
Do you eat the same/extremely similar foods everyday, or do you change them about a bit?
This might sound thick, but what's a 3 2 1 soup?
Have you tried using more Syns would you say you generally use more than 10 Syns a day?
And your hex choices are always measured?
Has your exercise increased a lot recently?

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Aug 8th '16, 13:50 PM  
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Sarah has covered everything. Try drinking more water and mixing up your food choices
Aug 9th '16, 13:37 PM  
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The 3 2 1 soup is 3 tins of tomatoes 2 tins of beans and 1 tin of carrots blitzed together. So lots of speedy food in it!

I drink lots of water and always measure my healthy extras. I have normally between 10 to 15 syns a day never having over 15, my consultant said being a male I can have up to 20.

The one thing I don't do is have a lot of variety. I tend to have the same thing for lunch and breakfast every day. However not liking any food that is green at all I'm severely limited in my food choices! It's just I lost 6 stone last time and I am eating the exact same thing that I did last time around but it's just not working.
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