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Nov 26th '18, 18:36 PM  
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What Are Your Best Tips?

Not everyone thinks the same, that is fine and what works for 1 may not work for another but what DID work for you?

I loved hearing peoples advise and what did and didn't work for them... I used it to try new ways myself or have a shake up.

For me replacement meals did not work long-term, I personally could not manage the weight after I stopped.
Nov 27th '18, 15:06 PM  
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Drink plenty of water! When I don't drink enough I find the weight loss really does stop

Also, don't feel guilty about having a 'bad' day, just draw a line under it and start afresh tomorrow
Dec 29th '18, 19:32 PM  
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I struggle to drink my water target but when I stop I realise I don't feel as GREAT as I do when I do.

I follow days off with a fasting day.
Jan 3rd '19, 15:07 PM  
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I'm with you ladies on the water. I feel great and believe it helps weight loss but I just can't be arsed drinking it
Jan 4th '19, 15:41 PM  
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Remember you are on a diet so you have to get rid of High calorie foods and swap for more fibre in your diet(so you can poop out the fat) Eating Yogurts (gives you a flat stomach) Always Eat a sandwich before dinner so you do not collapse in bed and (Feels like you ate loads that night and helps promote a good "loose weight diet" and (Stops from binging the next morning/day)

Pm for more Tips

When you have a headache that's when you need to eat something.....
Jan 4th '19, 17:53 PM  
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Sandwich? I'd go with drink water before dinner and have a good balance meal ... by this use carbs and good carbs, greens. This will keep you fuller. Drink water before bed. Have a good 'snack' before bed vs a sandwich before dinner (unnecessary added carbs in my opinion).

Keep you feeling full foods:
sweet potato - slower release
Greek yogurt
Good fat such as nuts, avocado, hummus
Dark chocolate
Jan 4th '19, 21:59 PM  
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Intermittent Fasting- A True Weight Loss Remedy

A great way to lose weight is by intermittent fasting. If you don't know what it is than you just look it up.

It works and is even used by pro bodybuilders!
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