Result of eating the same food

Jun 17th '17 20:06 PM
i have started this diet and been at it for about a month now. my breakfast is three eggs with milk and i scramble that. i have that with some frozen vegatables. then i have either this or chicken and frozen veg for dinner. i have lost about half a stone.
can this be damagin in any way?
i struggle with creating and following a meal plan and i dont go to meetings. could there be a colesterol problem from eating eggs?
should i be measuring the amounts of vegtables.
also, i like cookies, how many can i get away with each day?
Jun 18th '17 17:36 PM
Generally, you don't seem to be eating 'bad' foods, and you've got plenty of veg and you've got your protein in your chicken and eggs.
I don't see there being an issue with cholesterol from the eggs, I follow Slimming World and they've done research and eggs are freely advised as a good food to eat as they help keep you feeling full, and they've not advised of a limit on how many you should eat.

However, I really would consider adding a variety of food to your diet. If you are trying to lose weight, but you only eat veg, eggs and chicken, your body will get used to this and is more likely to stall with losses.

With regards to the cookies, if you have to have some everyday, consider which type you are eating. If they're like the Maryland ones (small) I would have no more than 2. But if it's the larger ones, like the ones you can buy a bag of 5 of from Tesco, Asda, etc. then definitely no more than 1 a day.
Again, I would consider what other sorts of foods you can eat and try to make them healthier.
Jun 18th '17 19:17 PM
thank you sarahc4536,
fortunately the cookies are the maryland size, unfortunately i have eaten a packet today. woops.
thanks for your help and good luck with your weight loss journey.
Jun 29th '17 13:39 PM
Are you having lunch too?

Eggs I can eat 4-5 a day sometimes. Some people I train with eat so much more. Protein and fats all good for you.

In my opinion the more basic it is is often the best kind of foods you could be eating, I get great results when I go to 'basics' sometimes. If you are full and it's satisfying you why not?! Well apart form the packet of biscuits I would try adding in some carbs though, they are your energy source, go for whole carbs, high carb veg, sweet over white potatoes.