Dry January

Jan 18th '17 18:10 PM
Anyone taking part?

Still going? If so how are you getting on?

Gave up?

Didn't entertain it? < ME
Jan 18th '17 18:56 PM
I don't drink anyway anymore, so yes, haha!

Jan 18th '17 20:16 PM
Didn't entertain it... I don't drink excessively, but I like to be able to have a beer on the weekend if I want to... or a bottle of wine

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Jan 18th '17 22:12 PM
I thought about it... but had too many social things going on!

I am thinking about doing it on my own in February though.
Jan 19th '17 12:45 PM
I did 4 weeks before and it was torture. I noticed my tolerance ove rthe time has got less and less though ... that didn't help Sorry but I like my vodka Friday ha!