Do you ever take a night off from dieting?

Aug 27th '13 15:21 PM
a success health journey ( i hate diet word ) is a one where you can actually moments like this and not stress about how much you eat or if it is bad for you long as you know you not doing in it everyday .
Aug 27th '13 19:06 PM
Totally agree with Befit

i have bad days but make up for it in the rest of the week! As long as its not forever

Aug 28th '13 12:23 PM
Yes I definitely do ... every weekend It really depends what I am doing to how bad I am so if at home having a drink I will have a treat dinner and then remain sensible (no snacks etc).

A day off is a must as long as you don't over do it for the sake of it IMO!

Aug 28th '13 12:29 PM
PrincessPikachu, it's not surprising. I've only ever known one person who diets all year round with just one day off. She was my high school physical education teacher and she was so strict with us that we hated the lesson! I'm yet to come across someone else as disciplined as that.
Aug 28th '13 13:07 PM
Why would you need to diet all year round?
Aug 28th '13 14:17 PM
I know someone who's tiiiiiny, but has a sister who's rather large (can't think f a better way to describe it ). She's on a permanent diet and is always really really strict, I think she's naturally a lot bigger than she is, so she eats really well all the time so she doesn't gain anything! I don't have the bloody willpower
Aug 28th '13 14:27 PM
Eating healthy isn't the same assisting though that's why I wondered lol I'd cry if I considered my maintain phase as dieting for the rest if my life
Aug 28th '13 14:52 PM
It is good to have a night off every now and then. It stops you getting bored and resenting being on a diet
Aug 28th '13 20:12 PM
I agree, i couldnt live with the constant feeling of restriction, but some people can take it to a higher level than just dieting, that's where problems can start!