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Jul 29th '16, 21:22 PM  
Socially Shy
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No loss in first week/slow start

Hey everyone, hope you're all well. Was just wondering if anyone didn't lose in their first week or so?

I started being good-ish on a thursday, then as the week approached, i got better, then started being really good from the start of the monday. Stood on the scales a week later but I never lost anything. Stood on the scales today...bearing in mind it was mid afternoon so I had ate lunch...but it says I have lost 2 pounds. 2 pounds is great...better than I was. But it seems a bit small for 2 weeks work?.

I am not following any real diets. I eat 3 meals a day and try and make them as healthy as i can. When i'm working, i would make slimming world frozen meals. Haven't snacked or had any real bad things.

Has anything like this happened? Don't get me wrong, it's a step in the right direction. I suppose you hear of bigger people losing massive amounts like a stone or more in the 1st month. In 2 weeks, i've lost 2 pound lol.
Jul 30th '16, 00:26 AM  
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I would definitely say you shouldn't be disheartened by 'just' 2lb in 2 weeks. That's still good.
Because you aren't following a particular plan as such, it could be hard to judge where you could change things.
Are you eating plenty of fruit and veg?
Are you feeling hungry between meals at all?
Are you drinking enough water? Doesn't have to be plain, use sugar free cordial if you don't like plain water.
Have you increased your exercise at all? Or started doing some where you didn't before?

I'm going to say that you will hear of people losing 'larger' amounts in their first week/month but they'll usually be following a particular plan...
Plus it depends on what a persons general diet was like before following whatever plan they chose. If someone lived on takeaways every night and ate lots of fatty/sugary foods, and then they change to eating meals cooked from scratch and reducing their fatty/sugary food intake massively, they will lose a lot in the first few weeks.

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Jul 30th '16, 00:43 AM  
Socially Shy
Join Date: Jul 2016
Posts: 5

Thanks for the reply.

See that's the thing - since April time my diet has been awful. I went away for a weekend, went all inclusive for a week, went away with work for 2 weeks where i got dinner in the hotel where it was all fried stuff. I took sick and ended up off work for 3 weeks where i lived off fast food cause i didnt have the energy to cook. Then obviously start of summer was going out loads. One week about a month ago I ate fast food 5 times for dinner. I also ate like crazy at night. Would have came home from work at 10 and would get stuck into crisps, biscuits anything i could get my hands on.

I'm trying to eat as much vegatables as possible. Eating them with every dinner and trying to have them as much as possible with lunch too. I'm not feeling hungry between meals. Yes, say about half hour before i start to get hungry and then end up starving...but apart from that, no.

An example of one of my days is

Bowl of special k cereal with skimmed milk
A chicken salad sandwich on brown bread with no butter and lighter than light mayo
Grilled chicken breast with slimming world chips with carrots and peas.

Or as I said, slimming world dinner with rice. Or stir fry with plenty of veg.
Jul 30th '16, 08:49 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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Location: Liverpool, UK
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Sounds like your eating the right things now. What about your water intake? When I upped mine to 2L a day I really noticed a difference in the amount of weight coming off, plus I felt like I had more energy. Exercise also helps massively, if you're really busy maybe just try going for a walk during lunch
Jul 31st '16, 10:33 AM  
jada brown*
Join Date: Jun 2016
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2 lbs sounds good because it always takes a little while when you start working out, your body needs to get familiar of what you are doing. if you try beyond weight management tea for your weight loss you can get better results in shorter period of time.
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