Time of the month

Aug 15th '13 20:47 PM
Okay ladies, it's that time of the month and just like every other month I don't crave anything but carbs! Literally nothing else sounds good to me. What do you do to fight these cravings during that time of the month?
Aug 16th '13 11:19 AM
I just eat them I've had about 1/2 loaf of White toast with marmite every day for lunch this week I don't even like toast!
Aug 16th '13 16:07 PM
Due to birth control my cycle skips so I only have one day of actual evil, but I am still mean for an entire week. I eat carb's all of the time but that one day of the month you will always find me with a bowl of ice cream.
Aug 28th '13 16:51 PM
This time of the month is a nightmare because I love sweet things especially chocolate. I will try some veg and dip this month I think and see if my jaw gets bored of chomping away.