Slimming World Certificates

Jul 11th '16 14:59 PM

Does anyone know at what point you get your slimming word certificates and when they give them to you?
I can't stay for the meeting this week and I didn't know if they gave them to you during the meeting, and if they do how do you get the certificates?

Thanks in advance
Jul 11th '16 21:53 PM
Hi Nadia

You should be aware that you've reached a certificate/goal when you are at the scales.
In our group, my social team colleague asks the person being weighed if they are staying to image therapy or not. If they are, she keeps hold of their book and writes the certificate our before image therapy starts where the consultant hands them out at the start of the class. If they aren't staying to group, she writes their certificate out as they are stood with her and she passes it to them before they leave.

The weighing certificates start at half a stone and increase by half a stone for each award (1/2 stone, 1 stone, 1.5 stone, 2 stone, etc)

Does that make sense? Lol

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