Binge eating?

Jun 28th '16 14:20 PM
I'm in a real pickle, and I'm not too sure how to help myself to be honest. I was doing slimming world, and I had almost lost a stone in weight. Then it all came crashing down. I have always been a binge eater/secret eater, but recently it's become more apparent as I continue eating when I'm not hungry - and I'm not even eating the right foods, it's all cake, chocolate, crisps etc.

I am really struggling on keeping myself on track, and losing the weight I have put on. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can help myself?

It's just become a vicious cycle and I'm not sure what else to do.

Any advice would be appreciated!
Jun 28th '16 14:40 PM
I find I'll have a sudden binge when I know I've not been full after my main meals. Also depends on my mood, if Im feeling a little down or if I didn't see the results I wanted on the scale I feel so much more tempted to eat rubbish!
Jun 28th '16 14:42 PM
I understand exactly what you mean Megan! I've been doing a lot of this over the last few months, and I can't exaclty say why I do it, but I know that most of the time when I do it, I sit there in the process of eating whatever I chose that day, thinking to myself that I'm bloody daft for doing it and I already regret it!
My downfall was always a Thursday. I'd get to lunchtime on Thursday, and then I find myself walking into Tesco or somewhere, and walking out with cookies or chocolate without even realising fully!
And I would be the same as you, I wouldn't even be hungry, I would just eat more and more until I felt so bloated I felt almost sick
I've now made a point the last few weeks of avoiding those aisles in the shops I go straight to what I'm looking for, and leave. If I don't it goes wrong!

I don't really have an answer for how to get yourself out of that vicious circle, because I know it's not easy, but I've just been trying to make sure I avoid any sight of those dangerous foods for now.
It's not a sustainable lifestyle choice in honesty, but for now, I feel I need to avoid that sort of thing until I get my losses back under control.

I've also been making sure that I use some syns on chocolate each day. I think that's helped too. It's only a little bit of chocolate, but at least it's something!
Jun 28th '16 14:54 PM
I do feel full after meals but then I eat out of boredom, and I really cannot stop. I know I'll feel better if I don't, but my god. It's so difficult to stop??! I even go out of my way to get something 'nibbly' from tesco. It's awful

I don't know whether I should bite the bullet and head on back to slimming world and see what support system I have there. As before it was difficult getting any support in place from my last group. However I'm going to a fitness class this evening, outside, in the cold and no doubt rain. I'm hoping this'll help me, and push me to strive for better foods. Just because there's nothing worse than going to a class and eating crap after, it feels like all your good work has gone to waste.
Jun 28th '16 15:12 PM
Have you stopped going to your class? If so you should defo go back, stay for group time and get some motivation.

I have to write down everything i eat, i think that helps loads.

Have you thought about maybe going out a walk when your feeling like this, and drink as much waters as you can, even hot water.
Jun 28th '16 15:12 PM
Fingers crossed the fitness class can give you a boost it will be keeping you occupied at least, so should stave off any boredom feelings!

If you did go back to SW, have you got any others groups you can attend? Maybe a change of group would be beneficial if you weren't getting the right support at your previous one?
Jun 28th '16 19:02 PM
I was thinking of going back to class, but I think I am a little more determined to do this all off my own back without going to class. I know how to do Slimming World, and I don't feel as if I need the class nor do I need the hifi bars etc that is offered in the class.

I will start again, i'll weigh myself tonight and see how I get on in the next week
Jun 28th '16 19:58 PM
Think its all about your mindset. I woke up this morning and in the back of my mind I knew I was going to have a little binge this afternoon and I did. I think with me I've been being way too strict with myself and not allowing a little treat now and then has lead to me eating countless things today. Best way to avoid it is don't buy it! I don't feel tempted when Im in Tesco because I hate shopping with a passion and its actually worked to my benefit now, I just want to get in and out as quickly as poss. See how things go over the next few days but I'm sure once you start your exercise classes you'll get more motivation from that than the SW groups.
Jun 28th '16 20:05 PM
Yeah, I have decided that I'm going to take a break and not push myself. I'm not going to join another class, however I am going to make healthier choices. I am not going to buy crap when I food shop. I will be mega strong and see what happens!
Jun 28th '16 22:23 PM
For me the group plays a huge part of my WL.
If I hadn't kept going through the really crappy patch I had been going through (and kind of still am) I would have put on way more than I have. Easily 2 stone over my original start weight.

I still struggle, but for me I need that support of a weekly group of friends who are all going trough the same thing I am with their weight losses.

I really hope you get back on track Megan, I know how hard it can be and I'm sure once you get into this fitness class (which sounds great by the way!) you'll kick that annoying binge eating habit

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