Simple Question

Jun 24th '16 22:01 PM
Emaline 30
I just cannot get my head around this one.. and I used to be very good at maths but I need some help..

The cordial I am drinking gives this direction for use:

"Typical Values Per 100ml when diluted 1 part cordial with 10 parts water" .. and this is counted at 29cals.

So if I put 10mls cordial into my glass how many mls of water do I add?
Or put another way.. how many mls of cordial is that?

This may seem like an odd question but unless I know I can't work out my calorific values properly.
Jun 25th '16 09:16 AM
10mls juice to 100ml water.

If you done this Typical Values Per 100ml when diluted 1 part cordial with 10 parts water" . it would make 1 litre.
Jun 25th '16 09:20 AM
I would say 10mls cordial plus 90mls water is 29cals.
But then that's only 9 parts water.
But 10mls cordial plus 100mls water is 110mls, not the 100 as stated.
I would just go 10mls and round it up to 30cals... 😞
Jun 25th '16 09:57 AM
Emaline 30
Thanks very much.. I don't know why that had me so puzzled but the more I thought about it the more confused I got.. must be getting old!
Jun 25th '16 18:49 PM
We all got those moments when we can't work something out and then when you see the answer you think why couldn't I see that.
Jun 28th '16 15:47 PM
Emaline 30
Errmm!? I'm still a bit confused because the data on MFP which shows the values stated .."100ml (1 part cordial to 10 parts water)" equals 29 cals.. but I used 35mls of cordial so how many calories is that?

When I changed the amount to 35 it came out as 3 calories so I'm wrong somewhere?
Jun 28th '16 15:52 PM
What is the brand of cordial?
I'm going to google it see if I can figure it out lol
Jun 28th '16 16:32 PM
Emaline 30
It's called Bottlegreen Sarah..
Jun 28th '16 17:05 PM
I was wondering if there was anything on the website that might make it clearer, but there isn't

I use Robinsons, and that specifies the Nutoritional information is per '100ml of concentrate' so much easier to work out!! Plus it also gives you the diluted cal count lol
That's 2cal per 100ml diluted (5cal per 250ml diluted) - so that makes it 1 cal per 50ml of diluted 1 part cordial to 4 parts water...

I was kind of hoping the Bottle Green website gave alternative calories counts like that so it was eaiser to work out.
The ratio thing I take to mean that if you use 35ml cordial in a glass, you should use 350ml water to dilute it.
It's just trying to figure out whether the 29cals is per 100ml of undiluted cordial, or per 100ml of diluted cordial... because it's not sugar free I don't expect it to be really low (the first listed ingredient appears to be sugar!) but I can't figure out which way they mean lol
Jun 28th '16 18:13 PM
Emaline 30
Totally agree.. glad you found it to be as puzzling Sarah but thanks for the effort anyway.