Is a no carb diet healthy?

Jun 2nd '16 22:55 PM
Hey Everyone,

I know of a few people who are on basically a no carb diet.
One individual who is very big is, to their credit, losing weight very fast, but Im just wondering is that healthy?

What will happen when they start eating carbs again? They're not something that can be avoided forever surely?

Someone once told me being overweight often means many already have bad habits and relationships with food so why would you want to start another by excluding a whole food group

Whats everyones thoughts on this?
Jun 3rd '16 09:15 AM
I'm a firm believer in a bit of everything does you good.
Cutting out certain food groups is probably not sustainable in the long term. I think it's best to maintain an overall healthy diet and way of life.
Jun 4th '16 07:09 AM
I haven't eaten bread, pasta, rice or potatoes since I started in SW back in January. This is of course not part of SW diet and I am not doing it because of any "no carb" rule to myself, I am doing it because I found that these things make me feel bloated and I find without them I feel much better. Added to that I am losing weight at a steady pace so it is not for RAPID results. Just makes me feel better :-)
Jun 6th '16 10:18 AM
I agree with Ali. I don't believe you should completely cut out any food group because I don't think it would be sustainable for a very long period.
It may work for some people, like Daisy, but my personal opinion is that it's better to have things in moderation and not exclude any one particular food group.

With reagrds to the person you mention that is losing weight very fast, some people lose weight faster than others, and if said person has a lot to lose, I've genereally seen that those people lose thier first few stones very quickly, but the losses will tail off the closer they get to their target weight.
Some people benefit from no carbs, but not everything works for everyone
Jun 6th '16 11:15 AM
1- Eat whole carbs which are the good carbs.
2- Crabs are not essential nutrients, but contain additional nutrients that are helpful for you.

Quinoa is one example of a healthy carb that is the new favorite of nutritionists throughout.
Jun 7th '16 09:35 AM
Carbs are energy.... without them I go a little CrAzY

Plenty of healthy foods have carbs. I've done the no carb diets and it just didn't work for me long term. I have no or low carb days but not weeks/months. Moderation is definitely the answer too.

Some of the healthy carbs I eat:
Sweet potatoes

If I have pasta etc I have wholegrain

Jun 23rd '16 02:46 AM
If you lose a dramatic amount of weight cutting out carbs all together, you will NOT keep it off. The most important thing is to make LIFESTYLE changes to lose weight and keep it off for good. Diets don’t work nor does fad products and pills. You NEED the energy to power you through the day and especially for your workouts. Good luck!
Jun 23rd '16 21:27 PM
I didn't eat rice,pasta,bread,potatoes,cakes,biscuits,crisps for 3 years. I only started again in 2015 as I had to as it was the only foods I could keep inside. Now I am better I have started going without again. I feel better when not eating them.
Jun 24th '16 21:50 PM
Emaline 30
I find that the carbs are what prevent me from losing the weight and try to keep them as low as possible but my big downfall, apart from chocolate.. I do love a bit of bread.
However, I wouldn't want to go to the point of ketosis as the smell of my breath was just SOO revolting it was unbelievable.. I pity anyone who's partner or OH is doing this..
Jun 25th '16 09:23 AM
Don't forget, sugar is a carb, so fruit is a carb too.
I'd hate to cut out fruit from my diet.
Some carbs, such as anything wholegrain, are a great source of vitamins, minerals and fibre and I believe they are essential to a healthy balanced diet.