Checking sins of food

May 18th '16 09:42 AM

I start my first weight in tonight and I was wondering if I picked up something like a sauce of some sort and didn't know the syns how would I work it out?
Is there an online list anywhere that tells you?


May 18th '16 10:21 AM
Yes - once you join Slimming World you'll get a PIN that will allow you to access the website (you usually have to wait until the next morning to be able to get on it to allow the consultant to update the SW system with the new member information from their laptop)

Once you've got access to that, there's loads of information on there; recipes, menu ideas, helpful articles, the weight loss planner and the Syns Online section.
When you go to the 'My Weight Loss Tools' section, there is a button under the black tabs that says 'Syns Online'
When you click on that, you can type in the name of anything you want to check the syns for and it'll bring up your results.
If you can't get an exact match, you can use the syns calculator, but you can also ask on here somewhere and one of us will help and point you in the right direction
May 18th '16 10:37 AM
Brilliant, thanks Sarah!
May 19th '16 13:50 PM
Another way to syn foods is 1 syn per 20 calories x
May 19th '16 14:27 PM
That's a good point - although that only applies to things that don't contain any Free foods.
It's ideal for chocolates, crisps, sweets, cakes, etc.

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