Hello :)

Aug 8th '13 18:34 PM
Well now I have had Henry I am officially back on the dieting wagon.

I was 84.6kg at booking in at 6 weeks, I had already lost some weight then I am now 78.4kg 10 days after birth.

The only way is down I guess

I need ideas on what diets to do, mw has given me the go ahead to diet and then after physio I might be able to exercise but at the moment my pelvis isn't going back into alignment
Aug 8th '13 18:52 PM
Aww congratulations, I didn't know you'd had him! Not been on BnB much. You're already down some weight so well done
Aug 8th '13 20:48 PM

Good luck with the diet
Aug 9th '13 08:07 AM
Aw huge congrats Hun! And good luck with the weight loss!xx
Aug 9th '13 21:08 PM
Hello hun x

Congratulations and good luck for your diet journey
Aug 11th '13 18:43 PM
You just had a baby? Congratulations to you! Now you're back to eating for one! Sounds like you're still having some pain. I wish you lots of success getting back into the swing of things.
Aug 11th '13 18:55 PM
Thank you

I have been a bit rubbish the last few days with food. I can't get used to the fact I can eat full portions again. I am not eating as much as I used to when pregnant, like grazing through the day to make up for not being able to eat meals. But now I am not eating full meals and not eating anything else. Oh its going to take a while
Aug 13th '13 15:33 PM
Give yourself some time to recuperate. You probably don't know which end is up right now and with a new baby I imagine sleep is the one thing you'll be lacking the most. Small meals through the day (and night) will be what keeps you going so you have energy for all the demands you face.