Mar 16th '16 02:16 AM
Anyone been on a "teatox" and would recommend them or against? Keep seeing them advertised and I don't know anyone who has actually used them!
Mar 16th '16 10:47 AM
I think it's just a marketing ploy. There's no such thing as 'detox'. Our bodies do it naturally all the time. It would involve drinking their tea instead of eating food. You could do that without the tea. It's nonsense. A balanced healthy diet is much more beneficial.
Mar 16th '16 14:40 PM
When you say detox what is the desired results you want from this detox?

Better skin? Remove and pin point foods you are intolerant too?

You can detox your body by:
Drinking lots of water (lemon and lime added is good)
Green teas
No caffeine
Reducing dairy
Reducing wheat
No alcohol

Mar 23rd '16 16:10 PM
I agree with Alicat
Mar 24th '16 12:05 PM
It really depends on the ingredients. A lot of teatox companies are using laxatives to give off the effect of a detox, however this can cause rather dangerous results. We use a combination of green coffee, wheatgrass, matcha and spirulina in our detox coffees, all of which are scientifically backed. There is however no point if you are not willing to back up the program with a diet.
Mar 31st '16 20:02 PM
im currently on the 14 day 'Bootea' teatox, i had the same issue of not knowing anyone who had tried it, so read a few reviews and because it was on offer decided to give it a shot. i myself am a type 1 diabetic so have to be careful with what ingredients are in them, but this one is ok, il post again tomorrow with all the ingredients that are in both the teas as there is a daytime tea that you have every morning and then a bedtime tea that you have every other day. personally ive felt a lot less bloated and fresher but its each to their