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How to pick which 'diet' to follow?

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Mar 8th '16, 23:08 PM  
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How to pick which 'diet' to follow?

I'm a mama of 4 small folk (5,4,2 & 11 weeks) and not sure where to start/which plan is best to follow to suit mine/my families needs! How do you pick?

I need something that is okay when breastfeeding and also can be adapted to be dairy & soya free. Life is pretty hectic so something that won't take too much planning in advance and also will suit the whole family as cooking seperate meals isn't really a viable option.

Does anyone have any advice please
Mar 9th '16, 14:46 PM  
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Hi Orchard!

Slimming world seems to be the main one I have seen families follow. You can easily exclude dairy or substitute options like milk for almond milk etc

Easy affordable family friendly plan definitely.

Mar 10th '16, 19:00 PM  
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I agree with Wobbles - Slimming World is probably the most family friendly one I'm aware of, and they've got advice for breastfeeding mums and plenty of dairy/lactose free options too x
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